3. showstudio:

    Sibling by Velwyn Yossy

  4. wmagazine:

    Suede Diet

    Photograph by Richie Talboy; styled by Lucas Lefler.

  6. mentaltimetraveller:

    Marc Camille Chaimowicz Vase (prototype) and paper bouquet, 1997 - 2014

    (via refinery29)

  7. (Source: paris2london, via refinery29)

  8. labellefilleart:

    Aphrodite, Erte

    (via goodolarthistory)

  9. justthedesign:

    Shea Marie is wearing a tote from MCM Kathy Tote, check knit sweater from Rag & Bone, trousers from Mlle, hat from Lack of Color and sunglasses from Celine

  10. (Source: ryburk)